Fully automatic machine Megomat 1000

We offer automatic wire processing machines for a variety of applications.

The Megomat 1000 from Schäfer is impressive with innovative technology in all areas. Thus an unusually large gross section area on lines can be processed. A special arrangement of the blades enables extremely short cable projections. A cable guide that can be adjusted via the software makes it possible to dispense with guide nozzles on the gripper. The large, swivel area of the gripper arms that can be used on both sides offers incredible flexibility for many applications.

Placement of all drive elements in the machine frame of the megomat 1000 provides a clear layout and thus an optimal process view.

Flexible equipment and extensions

The basic equipment of the fully automatic Megomat 1000 cable processing machine includes:

  • Base frame including control cabinet and attachment tables
  • Cutting head with knife set and reject part cutter
  • Intermediate gripper with movable storage place
  • PC, operator software and 17″ touch screen display
  • Machine software WireStar20 with order database
  • Software feature MegoNet20 for network functions

Optional extensions, stations and modules for increasing the productivity and quality:

  • Shuttle System
  • Seal Module SSM
  • Tinning Station FA-400-LA
  • Active delivery belts
  • Printer PMG 313
  • Crimp monitoring systems
  • Crimping height adjustment
  • Cable trays
  • Contact strip chopper
  • Fluxing station
  • Welding station
  • Wire doubling modules

Customer-specific special applications

Beyond the equipment possibilities of the Megomat 1000 offers the opportunity of implementing special cable manufacturing applications. For example, processes for fitting cables with housings and ferrite cores. For this a wide variety of different, as well as the customer’s own modules can be applied for this. The implementation of additional custom software is also possible for the Megomat 1000.

Innovative machine software

The newly developed WireStar20 machine software offers an intuitive user interface and innovative network functionalities. Production orders can be created quickly and easily using realistic machine presentations. Clear and understandable management of the production data and sure guidance of the user through complex workflows occur via the user-friendly touch screen.


Software feature MegoNet20

In the networked machinery, with MegoNet20 the central Wirestar20 database is used, in order to supply all machines with data together in accordance with the single source principle. With the connection of MegoNet20 to the company’s own production planning system (PPS), order data in the WPCS standard is directly transferred to the WireStar20 or producing machines. Accordingly data is also reported back to the PPS system. The modules for quality assurance integrated in the machine process are statistically evaluated within MegoNet20, and further utilized via database and interface functions.


Technical Data

The data are approximate specification of the basic equipment and are depending on material, wire and terminal of the application.

Processable wire
Type of wire Single conductor
Cross sections 0.08 mm² – 8 mm²
Conductor Copper, fine stranded wire
Material of insulation Teflon, PVC, etc.
Cut length
Minimum 30 mm
Maximum 99 m
Wire prefeeding
Feeding with belt drive
Speed up to 10 m/s
Number of stations
Side A 2
Side B 2
Production rates
Crimp/Crimp by 50 mm wire length over 5000 parts per hour
Seal/Seal by 50 mm wire length over 3000 parts per hour
Supplies and interfaces
Power supply 3x (208-480V), 50/60Hz, 3,5kVA
Compressed air 6 bar, dry and oil free
Network capability Yes
Interfaces RS232 Ethernet
Temperature range
Operation 15 °C – 40 °C
Storage 0 °C – 60 °C (rF < 80%)
Dimensions & Weight
Length x Width x Height 3350 x 1450 x 1900 mm
Weight 1.100 kg


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