Analysis of crimp connections

With a microsection laboratory professional microsections of crimp connections can be prepared in a simple and convenient manner. Through analysis of the microsection it can be determined whether the valid quality criteria for production are complied with. Samples are taken at defined inspection points and microsections are prepared. Verification of the quality parameters before and during production avoids scrap and complaints.

The Schäfer SQS-02 microsection laboratory consists of multiple stations for cutting, grinding, polishing, cleaning, measuring and documenting. The crimped conductor is clamped into the cutting and grinding unit and via a guide carriage is precisely fed to the cut-off wheel and then precisely fed to the grinding disk. The cutting and grinding speed can be varied via a potentiometer.

After grinding, the cut surface is polished and cleaned and placed under the microscope of the optics unit. Via a color camera the microsection is transmitted to a monitor. Then the microsection can be measured, documented, and the measurement result can be evaluated with special software.

The laboratory is suitable for universal implementation in the production area for random samples, and in the QA department for documentation.


Microsection Laboratory SQS06 → PDF