MultiStrip 10

We offer wire strippers for all major wires in the cross section range from 0.03 to 10.0 mm².

The MultiStrip 10 wire strippers from Rennsteig adapts automatically to the line geometry and can process single-wire, multi-wire and fine-wire conductors with PVC insulation a variety of special insulation. The MultiStrip 10 has a robust design and optimal handle shape with protection function for cable cutters and improved haptics, as well as an adjustable length stop.

The recessed cable cutter is designed for Cu and Al conductors and processes multi-wire lines to 10.0 mm² und single-wire lines to 6.0 mm².

Technical Data

Processable cross sections 0,03 bis 10 mm²
Processable wires Single and multi conductors
Processable insulations PVC and more
Length 195 mm
Weight 200 g



Stripping Tool MultiStrip10 → PDF