Stripping Tool MiniStrip

We offer professional tools for stripping coax cables and other complex line types with rigorous quality requirements.

The MiniStrip stripping tool is mobile and offers flexible implementation, since a power supply and compressed air are not required. An absolutely precise and repeatable processing of the wire ends is ensured by the rotating 4-blade system. This system allows variable adjustment of diameter and length.

The jacket is removed through rotative incision and subsequent pull-off in one work step. The procedure allows effortless processing of coax cables, cables with Capton or Teflon jacket. The precision of the MiniStrip avoids damage of the conductor or dielectric.

The MiniStrip is adjusted to a different diameter or different length in a few seconds via a calibrated scale. A fixing screw permits blocking of the diameter adjustment; this also makes the device suitable for military applications. Changing the knives is simple and is executed without a special tool.

Technical Data

Power supply not required
Compressed air not required
Drive manual
Processable wire
Type of wire Single wire, jacket cable, coax, etc.
Conductor Fine braid, solid wire
Material of insulation Teflon, PVC, Kynar, Kapton
Shielding material Copper, stainless steel
Cable outer diameter max. 2.5 mm
Wire diameter 0.16 – 2.0 mm, AWG 12 – 34 [1]
Stripping length
Maximum 15 mm
Outer jacket stripping length
Minimum Depending on material and type of wire
Partial stripping No
Incremental stripping No
Cutting head Rotary head
Number of stripping blades 4
Diameter infinitely
Length infinitely
Diameter 0.01 mm
Length 1.0 mm
Activation manual
Dimensions & Weight
Length x Width x Height 165 x 18 x 18 mm
Weight 0.09 kg


[1] Depending on material and type of wire


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