Kolb offers different feeding units from Ulmer to optimally feed the cable from the coil or from cable drums to the manufacturing process.

Feeding Unit ZG 200

ZG200_01_reThe compact feeding unit ZG 200 B2 has been developed as an active feeding system for the processing of cables, stranded wires, and tube materials. For example, with the ZG 200 B2 feeding unit, conductors from coils, Conipacks, from cable drums, cable shelves or tube coils can be pulled off optimally and fed into the downstream processing cycle. In this regard, preliminary transport occurs via two synchronously running, coated toothed belts. Fine, coarse or non-round cables can be fed forcefully and gently. Retooling is fast and easy.

For twisted or rigid wires, an ideal supplement to the wire pull machine is the optional DHS1000 D wire-sag control unit with touchless operation. The DHS sensors continuously monitor cable sag and prescribe the appropriate feed speeds.

The ZG 200 B2 is equipped with a mechanical upper belt delimitation that enables safe and gentle processing even of pressure-sensitive materials.

Technical Data

Power370 Watt550 Watt750 Watt560 Watt
Drive motorDirect currentDirect currentDirect currentServo
Throughput height30,0 mm30,0 mm30,0 mm30,0 mm
Throughput width30,0 mm30,0 mm30,0 mm30,0 mm
Speed0,9 / 1,35 / 1,93 / 2,70 m/s0,9 / 1,35 / 1,93 / 2,70 m/s0,9 / 1,35 / 1,93 / 2,70 m/s2,7 m/s
Length incl. arm84 cm84 cm84 cm84 cm
Width48 cm48 cm48 cm48 cm
Height48 cm48 cm48 cm48 cm
Coil weight maximum40 kg65 kg100 kg100 kg
Weight53 kg55 kg57 kg51 kg
Pneumatic supply3 bar / 22 psi3 bar / 22 psi3 bar / 22 psi3 bar / 22 psi
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz
Power supply optionally110 V / 60 Hz110 V / 60 Hz110 V / 60 Hz110 V / 60 Hz
Discharge height with
optional base stand:
109 cm109 cm109 cm109 cm


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