Kolb offers different feeding devices from Ulmer to optimally feed the cable from the coil or from cable drums to the manufacturing process.

Unwinders ARG

The ARG unwinders are used to take up tube coils of plastic or metal, such as corrugated tube, insulating hose, hydraulic or compressed air hose, and similar materials up to a max. coil weight of 30 kg. Likewise the devices can be used for light wiring harnesses.

The rotary plate with inner ball-bearing support permits easy pull-off of the material; the 200 mm high perimeter wrap protection effectively prevents the plies from falling off the rotary plate. An integrated brake reduces the afterrun of the rotary plate after an abrupt draw of a processing machine.

The wrapping bars, 390 mm in length, can be very easily adapted to different core diameters of the tube coils. In addition to the floor-mounted device, a table-version is also available.

For the medical industry the wrap protection can be executed in stainless steel.


Technical Data

Length760 mm960 mm1160 mm1360 mm
Width760 mm960 mm1160 mm1360 mm
Height1260 mm1260 mm1260 mm1260 mm
Discharche height870 mm870 mm870 mm870 mm
Core diameter130 - 380 mm200 - 600 mm240 - 800 mm240 - 800 mm
Weight38 kg52 kg73 kg94 kg


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