Ultrasonic Welding Machine Falcon 20 W

We offer ultrasonic welding machine for production of continuous connections and end connections. The FALCON 20 W ultrasonic welding machine from Tech-Sonic can establish connections from 0.5 to approx. 28 mm².

The basic data for the respective cross section areas is preprogrammed if possible and can however be readjusted manually for the respective connection. This assures a clean and effective production of ultrasonic welded joints.

Technical Data

Welding frequency 20 kHz
Weight of the head approx. 12 kg
Weight area 0.5 mm² up to approx. 28 mm²
Electric supply 230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A
Air supply maximum 6.5 bar
Cycle start with foot pedal


Ultrasonic Welding Machine Falcon 20W → PDF